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“If you can think it, you can write it. If you can write it but find yourself 
 discourage, in need of guidance and/or ready to birth your book then I can coach you."
“Writing is easy,” they said.

“It won’t take you long to finish your book,” the others have reassured.

“Once you start your book nothing will stop you from completing it,” someone, somewhere once uttered.

But I say to you, aspiring author, writing is HARD! It takes long, dedicated hours to get one chapter done, which is just a rough draft. It could take weeks for the second and third chapter, if not months, to finish. Then you have to get to the last chapter and that can take even longer. Next, you have to comb through it to make sure every I is dotted, T crossed and point, description, character trait, detailed advice is written down or typed out. Guess what? You’re still not even halfway complete.  And you’re still not done! You have to hire a skilled, genre qualified editor to review your work. Depending on the type of editor you work with, oh yes, there are different types of editors; they may chop your manuscript into pieces leaving little hope that it will be a book afterward. So, after the first edits, you have to rewrite, revise and reedit the entire manuscript.

Btw (which is by the way) you still have to publish it! (Insert a visual of me laughing and pointing at you – yes, I do tease folks.) Should I tell you about that?.......

Nah. Maybe at a later time.

Are you still convinced you to want to write your book?

Don’t let what you just read stop you.

Creating a book is HARD and challenging. It entails you making up your mind that what is up there roaming around in your head is ready to be shared with some, a lot, hundreds or possibly thousands of readers. It is the ability, the desire to see what you think on paper.  By definition, it means the activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text.

Yet, what do you do when you want to mark coherent words on paper but can’t? Life can intervene so quickly that you have no choice but to stop writing and tend to the matters that you face. For some, a book can be a year process or even longer. I once met a woman who said she has had an idea for a book for over 30 years (I’m writing this at the age of 34 – I was 4 when the idea came to her). Family, work, ministry and much more can cause you to put the idea of becoming an author on the back burner of life’s priorities.

On the other hand, some aspiring authors let their thoughts jack them up. “I can’t do this.” “Who is going to read my book?” “I probably won’t make any sells.” “What I have to say isn’t that important.

Although I can't stop the issues of life that place a pause on you completing your book, I can guide you, inspire you, keep you motivated and offer tons of writing advice that will help you along the way. 

Can you imagine having something inside of you clawing to be released? What if for once you decide, “I’m going to get my book done this year,” and actually take the steps to getting it done? 

I hope I didn’t scare you but motivated you on the tidbits of turning your thoughts into a physical book.
After authoring four books, publishing them myself I’ve learned a few things about being persistent enough to get it done. I didn’t have the pleasure of having someone like me hold me accountable so I had to learn to hold myself in that manner. My first novel was finished, rough draft finished, after six-months of closing out family and friends and bunkering down in my room to get my book done. I continuously motivated myself and pushed through the self-doubt that attempted to stop me dead in my tracks. Finally, when I was done, I had no idea what the next steps would be. After tons of research, questioning other authors and joining a bunch of writing groups on Facebook, I had the information I needed to publish my book. Well, that didn't go as smooth as I had hoped. I spent over $5,500 to publish my FIRST book. And by all accounts, I generated about $600 in sales from it. I can say I will NEVER see the total cost of production of my book. 

But for you, aspiring author, I can help you write and publish your book.

As your writing coach, I help you overcome the self-doubt and encourage you to get your book done by setting and accomplishing obtainable goals. After we have drafted your manuscript, I will then review it, offering feedback and creative development to make your book the best it can be. Will it take $5,500 to do so, NO, but it will take your willingness to write and do what is needed to make it happen. 

If you're ready, then I'm ready.

Coach Ebony Nicole

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